WINTERS HEAT: Now Live on Amazon

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Happy Monday! I have great news to share. The Titan Series is now available on Amazon Kindle!

WINTERS HEAT (Titan #1) is also available in paperback, with other titles available by October 1st.

More retailers coming soon, including: Barnes & Noble, Nook, Kobo, iTunes, and more.

Titan love and thanks for reading,
Cristin Harber

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Early Reviews are Arriving!

Some early reviews are coming in for WINTERS HEAT!

“Winter’s Heat was suspenseful, action-packed, and romantic and I loved it! … I highly recommend Winter’s Heat to anyone who enjoys fast-paced, suspenseful romance books with hot alpha males and smart and sassy heroines. I’m eagerly looking forward to reading the rest of the series!” ~Michele Serabian

“Loved this book. Action, drama, sex, more action, and a whole bunch of hot guys. Can’t wait to read the next book.” ~Jennifer Eastman

“The suspense was good and I do love a strong heroine who needs help occasionally, although she did keep getting kidnapped. I really loved the first make-out scene in the truck…. WHEW! That really got me interested!” ~Mindy (Naughty Book Snitch) Kenyon

“I enjoyed Mia, and the fact she didn’t dissolve into hysterics like most of the female leads do in these types of books, Colby was portrayed in a way that although I wanted to slap him around towards the end I still loved him! 4 1/2 stars!!!” ~Keri Catron-East

“As a suspense fan, I was in heaven when the action really got going. There were some steamy love scenes also. I will definitely be reading the next book in this series.” ~Kay Dirty Girls’ Good Books

Looking good!

Cristin Harber_Winters Heat_romantic suspense_military romance_titan

Hump Day Blog bulletin

Hump day news bulletin- WINTERS HEAT and GARRISON’S CREED covers have rocked the house. Love ‘em.

Next comes WESTIN’S CHASE. Think that baby will show up tomorrow… ;) It’s very “Jared Westin.” Think: tall, dark, and ready to kick serious bad guy butt.

After Jared makes his very impressive splash, there’s still TWO more covers to release. Five in total for the series debut in October. Once I take a breath, it’ll be time for excepts and teasers.

Don’t forget, we have TWO Goodreads giveaways in effect:



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Next Move Blog Tour Review Round-up

Cristin Harber:

Steamy and sexy, Sabrina Garie’s NEXT MOVE is a page turner!!!

Originally posted on Sabrina Garie Romance Author:

The Next Move Blog Tour officially ends today. Its been a wild ride around the internet getting to meet new people and get the book reviewed. I’ve been so pleased and touched by the reviews Next Move received.  Not only did they like the sexy parts, the reviewers really liked what I was trying to do–create a love story for real people, dealing with real challenges, who in real life, so often get passed by.  Thanks you all for getting that and liking it.  For that alone, writing the books made it all worthwhile.

Take a look at what was said.

Pure Jonel

“I also love how the characters interact with one another. They’re real people with real world issues and it shows.”

“This novella is hot & racy. It’s a brilliant way to spend an afternoon. Above all, however, it has a real story behind it that keeps you…

View original 75 more words

WINTERS HEAT COVER and Titan Series Update

Here’s the WINTERS HEAT cover and a TITAN series update!

Do you love it? I do! It should be released in early October, along with four other Titan titles. FIVE IN TOTAL! Surprise!

Cash Garrison and Jared Westin’s novels will hit the scene in October also, along with a short story and a novella. **fist pump**

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Thanks for the Titan love & support! You guys rock! xo

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WINTERS HEAT Snippet: Winters and Mia “Meet”

Here’s a snippet of WINTERS HEAT! Enjoy!

Colby Winters, elite member of the Titan Group, meets Mia Kensington, military psychologist on a mission of her own.

Set up: Winters scuffled with cartel bad guys (guess who won that fight?) and has no idea what to do with Mia, who could either be an innocent civilian or part of team-bad-guy. ;)

Winters took a look at the small woman and downed men. The tear gas gnawed into his patience. His decision making skills weren’t firing like they should. Not being able to think in this time constraint, he needed to bring her with him.

He opened the drawer, grabbed the package next to the motel-issued Bible, and wrapped an arm around the woman, throwing her over his shoulder. She was as light as she looked and losing steam with each gas-filled gasp.

“Wait. No! Let me go. Help. Someone help!”

“Pipe down.”

Still, she continued a feeble holler. “Help. Someone. Help.”

There wasn’t anyone around. Her hoarse cries didn’t matter. In joints like this, everyone minded their own business. But still, she was a headache. He didn’t have to take her. He didn’t have to save her. And what the hell did he care if she had to explain it to the cops? But she looked more suited to sell Girl Scout cookies than handle thugs and cops. He couldn’t abandon her now. His protective nature was stoked.

There are worse ways to meet someone…right?

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Author Branding- What Do You Think

Here’s my logo! I love it. It feels very “me”! What do  you think?

Cristin Harber- Romantic Suspense / Military Romance

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The Titan Series

If you hadn’t seen this pic, thought I’d share. Looks like the Titan boys are getting to work.

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Quick and Dirty Update (well, not dirty at all…sorry!)

It happened! I created my author Facebook page. I’d love it if you swung by to check it out and give me a like. I’m still on Twitter and try to have all kinds of fun there. Also new–you can probably call it beta form–( fancy talk for saying it’s still a work in progress) is my website!

Yes, things are happening. I hope to have some fun news about in coming weeks. Also, prepare yourself, I’m headed to my first RWA conference in less than three weeks! SO. VERY. EXCITED. Now bare in my that I’ll be rocking my nearly-six month pregnant belly around the conference and won’t be throwing back shots at the hotel bar and parties every night, but I still promise lots of interesting stories to share.

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Moms Are Sexy Too: Next Move Release Day

Cristin Harber:

Sabrina Garie’s release day for NEXT MOVE from Ellora’s Cave! Single moms looking for a second chance, this one is calling your name. And everyone else too, this is gonna be HAWT!

Originally posted on Sabrina Garie Romance Author:


It’s finally here, release day for Next Move,  my second chance contemporary romance, high on the hot scale,  in which the heroine is a single mother.  For all the single parents out there and those who want or have found a second chance at love, this one’s for you.   I wanted to write  a love story that honored these scenarios.  But it’s also  just a good, hot story about family, obligations and making choices when the world around you is changing and finding love where you least expect it.  I am in the process of planning my blog tour nearer to the end of the month to celebrate the release. Details are coming soon.

Book Blurb

Chamber of Commerce CEO and single mother Jocelyn Wade plays to win—in the boardroom, at local politics and for her daughter. With an overloaded life and a heart scarred shut, she doesn’t do…

View original 131 more words


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